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Lora - soliloquy

Lora: '..the ticking.. that spins my reason into madness..'

    Special prize winner: Stara Zagora (BG) 28-30 April 2017

    Prestigious "City of Stara Zagora award" for the best role performance of "Lora" - monologue in French language

    Stara Zagora (BG) April 2017; Marija Mitreska, award winner

performed in Macedonian language by Daniela Ivanoska
Jan. 2017


September, 2017 "Olympia in Dion Theatre Festival, Greece
"MO" Theatre, Katerini (GR); performed in Greek language by Marija Mitreska


Olympia in Dion

On YouTube at "Lora" - part 1


Olympia in Dion

On YouTube at "Lora" - part 2

The month of the Francophonie ceremonial programme
KIC Salon 19:19 Skopje, 23 March 2018; performed in French language by Marija Mitreska

On YouTube at:

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